When in the editor, selecting an SQL file tab brings database console to the front - how to prevent?


I use SQL files in my code and have several SQL files open simultaneously as well as Java, properties etc.

I switch between the files using CTRL+PgUp or PgDown, but since starting to use SQL a lot on my new project, I find it disturbing to my workflow that the DB console will suddenly pop up and grab the focus when I select an SQL file. It means I have to close the DB console window to get back to the editor.

I would like to turn off this behaviour. Is that possible? I can't see anything in the Settings dialog.





Hello Adam,

What IDE version do you use? Seems similar issue was fixed: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/DBE-7469


Hi Yaroslav, thanks for finding that. It is the same issue. I'll see if I can add anything to the ticket. Looks like a tough one if no-one can reproduce it at JetBrains.


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