Why is debugging so slow?

Sometimes debugging speed seems normal, meaning that even if it is slow, it's not that slow. But sometimes it is extremely slow, even the break point is set at the very beginning of the code. The code basically does nothing. 

Is there a way to clear some cache to speed it up? 


I did this, but still doesn't help:


rm -rf ~/Library/Caches/PyCharm2019.1/*

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First I would suggest to disable Cython speedups, by adding the following env variables to your run/debug configuration:


Second - check if it's a network issue. Try disabling firewall/antivirus. Try this and let me know, I'll try to get more recommendations for you.

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I've been using django-debug-toolbar with PyCharm's debugger recently. Separately, they work just fine. But when I use them together, run time is unbearably slow. Could that be the issue here?  Any suggestions for fixing it?

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Hi, this happened to me (PyCharm 2019.3) and it was caused by invalid breakpoints that had been placed on files deleted, edited etc.  Delete all breakpoints and make sure you haven't got a breakpoint on Exception "raise".  Once I did that PyCharm debugging went back to normal speed


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