Keyboard shortcut to tab through (change) console result/output windows?


I often run a lot of queries and want to quickly compare the results in different console result windows. I haven't been able to find a keyboard shortcut to switch between result windows (as I would on chrome/firefox for example). Does one exist?

For reference, I'm referring to moving via keyboard shortcut between the tabs 'Result 1' and 'Result 2'


@Jamws Mcdonell,

When you're in context you can use Alt + <Left arrow> or Alt + <Right Arrow>


Hi Vasily, I forgot to mention I'm on a mac, however I had tried that with the option key (and other various combinations). Unfortunately it doesn't seem to do anything.


@James Mcdonell,

You can look through Keymap


Thanks, that has led me to the solution.

On my mac the ctrl + arrow shortcut doesn't work. I believe it's already taken by a system shortcut.


@James Mcdonell
You can change shortcut for your own one.

As for OS reserved shortcuts detections there is an issue you can vote for.


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