pyCharm pro 2019.1.3 IDE editor icon follows mouse cursor to move most of the time

I find the pycharm IDE editor icon follows mouse cursor movement almost all the time, and frequently get into selection mode.

This is very obnoxious since people get distracted when they are focused on thinking and editing. Should I know if there is a way to "de-couple" the editor icon from the mouse cursor?



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Hi, do you mean the caret that is following the mouse cursor? That should not be happening. If you're sure that no other automation software is  causing this behavior in the background, this is likely a bug. I've found a similar thread from 2017:

Users have reported that the issue happened when using GNOME desktop, and apparently everyone affected had touchscreen. Is it applicable to you?

Also see:

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Yes. that is exactly what I have: GNOME desktop, touchscreen.

It is such an obnoxious "deep bug" that the real cause of the issue is hard to find. I think Roundsparrow is right in, and Chirag suggestion would work: Just touch the screen once and it will get solved.

Thanks a lot, Andrey!



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