The Run or Debug Tab Not Docked

Hello everyone.
The Run tab is hidden when you open the Pycharm. I'm use Debian 9.9 and Pycharm 2019.1. If i run Python projects i see Run tab but when i close process the run tab is hidden again. I tried delete config folder (/home/<USERNAME>/.PyCharm2019.1) but not fixed. The problem still continues.
I've added a video that I think will explain my problem.

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The video is unavailable, unfortunately, but from your description I can assume that you need to click the gear icon in the Run tab, and select View mode > Dock pinned.

If that doesn't solve your issue, please provide a screencast or some screenshots.

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You are explicitly closing the tab. Run toolbar is shown if there's at least one tab open.

If you need to stop the code execution without hiding the toolbar, use the red "stop" button instead of close button.


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