HAML syntax highlighting not working for 1 file.


I have a file where there is no syntax highlighting for HAML syntax.

I deleted the file and recreated it but it just won't highlight, it's extension is .html.haml just like all other files that do highlight.
I created it from: Rightmousebutton>new>File. Normally this enables syntax highlighting but it stopped doing so for this file.

i can create the file elsewhere in the project it will highlight properly but as soon as i move it to the target folder it breaks the highlighting. any other file i create within the same folder will properly highlight.

The icon is different as well with a properly HAML hightlighted file it has a red rectangle with an h in it, but the icon remains equal to the "new>File" icon.
Any advice?



could you please specify whether it always happens with the same file name or it doesn't depend on it? In case you create a file (with the same name) in 2 different folders will the behaviour differ?


Yes the behaviour differs, the one in the different folder does come with highlighting, in fact, renaming the file to anything other than the file i gave it solves the issue.

So i ended up renaming the partial with some characters.

The file name is `_bezoeken_fields.html.haml` not an incorrect name in my opinion.
renaming it to `_bezoeken_velden.html.haml`  solved the issue.


Could you please check that there's no such a pattern in Settings | File Types | Text?


That indeed was the issue, thank you dearly!


You're welcome, good to know it helped!


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