Pycharm is just super clunky and heavy to use

Pycharm feels so clunky and heavy. Right now I have 3 different windows open and each with their own blue bar at the bottom which have issues as:

- Low memory increase the heap size

- querying skeleton generator

- 2 processes running.


Another 20 min snoozeer:

- Cleaning up skeleton

- Indexing 


Every time I have to start a new window it takes 30 minutes for it to be functional. I have a very high end machine with plenty of ram and cpu as I do lot of computational mathematics but PyCharm is the one slowing me down. I am using the professional version of PyCharm.


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Just to exclude possible issues with third-party plugins, try to disable any custom/downloaded plugins you might have. If that's not helping, I suggest following this guide to report a performance problem to our issue tracker.

The guide:

Issue tracker:


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