Clion shows all files as changed

All files are always blue or green in View > Tool Windows > Version Control window, Local Changes tab. I expect it to show files that aren't changed (vs the latest local git commit) as the default text color (grey for Dracula theme). Same issue with the Project tool window. I don't have this problem in Intellij IDEA.

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Hi! Actually color schemes and VCS support are the same in CLion and IntelliJ IDEA, so it's really strange that you observe the different behavior. What versions of CLion and IntelliJ IDEA do you have? Is it possible that you've changed some color settings in CLion?

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The same issue after I've moved the project with bash mv command (to another disk, if it's crucial) and re-opened it with CLion. Removing .idea folder and project re-indexing does not help.

CLion 2021.3.3, Ubuntu 20

rebooted, removed CLion, removed everything related to it that i found in the system (.cache/Jetbrains/CLion*, .config/Jetbrains/CLion*, .idea inside the project folder). Installed CLion again. And still it did not help.

Later, i found out that git data was mailformed - all files were marked as modified, but git pull returned "Everything up-to-date". 

Only cloning project again fixed the problem


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