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Hi friends,

I want to ask if it's possible to create a plug-in for Webstorm that would graphically allow a developer to add lines of code to the currently open JavaScript. I want to develop this, but want to know if it's possible before I make my research on the topic, it's my first time developing a plug-in for the platform. Let me illustrate:

Let's say that we have file a.js open, and we have a configuration file saying the libraries installed on our project (something along the lines of dependencies in package.json), I would like to be able to press a combination of keys that would trigger the appearance of a little dialog showing possible libraries, when one is selected then we display subfolders, and the scripts inside this library, when the user selects a .js then we add a line into the javascript that was open along these lines:

someKeyWord("path to the file we chose using the dialog");

Thanks for the help!

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Yes, this is possible. You can bind an Action (AnAction) to keyboard shortcut that will execute above steps. Please see SDK docs to get started


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