Integrating a plugin with the IntelliJ profile executor


I have an XQuery plugin ( that supports profiling queries on the MarkLogic, Saxon, and BaseX processors. This is working, except that on IntelliJ ultimate there are two profile executors (mine and the IntelliJ one).

  1. I would like to conditionally enable my executor when the one in the Ultimate version is not present, so there is only one profile executor (e.g. in the plugin.xml have a "detect not IntelliJ ultimate => add profile executor").
  2. On IntelliJ Ultimate, I would like to integrate with the profile executor there so it uses the same action to run the profile, but use my profile run configuration view instead of the Java Flight Recorder profile view.

How do I implement this?

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Profiler support is still under development so we don’t have public API yet, however, we will publish it in the future.

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Thanks for the reply.

My main concern at the moment is avoiding two profile executors, as my plugin is registering a profile executor in addition to the one in the Ultimate edition.

I'd be interested to know when the API is ready.


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