Where is the source code for the Java.Introduction EDU course?

  1. Where can I find the source code for the Jetbrains EDU courses such as the Java.Introduction course? I found the EDU Plugin's source code on GitHub. But am not able to find the source code for the various courses by JetBrains.
  2. Also, if we want to report an issue with a course (by JetBrains) where do we do that? Is the "Educational Content [EDC]" project on YouTrack the correct location? (I'm not seeing any issues there so I'm getting the impression it was recently added). Or should they go in the "EduTools Plugin [EDU]" project? Or somewhere else?


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Hello Mark,

Some of the courses available in EduTools (including Introduction to Java) are uploaded to Stepik.

Unfortunately, we have no source code available for such courses.

However, you can open various courses (e.g., Kotlin Koans, AtomicKotlin) as an educator by going to File | Learn and Teach | Browse courses, clicking ▼ button and selecting 'View as Educator'.

Educational Content [EDC] project is the correct place to report issues related to courses.

Other issues in this project are hidden due to privacy settings.

I certainly hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any other questions.



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