[PyCharm Community 2019.1.3] Debug view for pytest freeze and can't access variables

When I wants to debug some pytest, the view appear, the app is working, I can set breakpoint and step into it.

Except I can't see variables values, I cant' access a debug console with the proper context.

There is something looping forever somewhere, see attached file.

Any idea?

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Does the issue reproduce with any test script? Please try some simple example, to determine if it's related to your scripts.

Then, please set `PYCHARM_DEBUG=True` env variable in your pytest configuration, run the debugger - it should show the extended output in the console, please paste here.

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When trying to reproduce, I created a new project dedicated to this issue.

And I remember that my original source was on a project that is mainly a Java app, with this folder containing some python helpers.

So I modified the original project to have a separate Python env and just imported pytest (and boto3 because it is a AWS helper script)

And now everything works.

I'll try later to reproduce in another project, using my system python env. Maybe there is something wrong in it.

But I have a solution to my initial issue.

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Ok, glad to hear it's working. If the issue reproduces again, you can try disabling cython speedups, which can cause peformance issues in rare cases. To do that, set the following env variables to your test configuration:



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