Is there a way to always use system notifications?


I'm used to system notifications that are sent by tools like Guard (libnotify-like) - they can be customized, placed in the preferable corner of the screen (top right), et cetera, et cetera.

It seems that RubyMine can send system notifications too - but only some other window has focus. If the RubyMine window has focus, it always displays notifications like bubbles inside its own window.

Is there a way to force RubyMine to make system notifications even if the RubyMine window is focused?


No, this option works for me ONLY when RubyMine window is not focused. When it is focused, I receive regular notifications.


I see, we have a similar request on our tracker, please take a look:


Yes, this behaviour is what I want!


Could you please leave a comment there specifying why you'd like to have this setting.


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