Use WSL ssh?


When connecting to remote databases can one use the ssh tunnel from WSL? Possible? 

I know Windoze has an openssh client available now but it's still terrible (didnt strip the perm checks on .ssh/<keys> etc..) and means maintaining two copies and running separate agent , just plain nasty. 

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I created an issue based on your description.

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We manage OpenSSH client internally, so you no need to manage it.

Could it be a solution if we could read your ssh config's from WSL?

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Yes read from //wsl$/<Default-Distro>/home/<User>/.ssh 

Same for git and any other SSH service

I think looking at how VSCode handles this with their remote platform would be a better idea than hacking WSL into every corner..  What if I want to use an agent that I have inside WSL pinned to /home/matt/.perma-agent socket



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