SCSS Filewatcher should autoprefix

I've the SCSS File Watcher on my SCSS files which compiles to CSS on the fly, and it works perfectly.

However, it also needs to prefix vendors. I can't find a way to make it work. Or should I install even another File Watcher and chain them? 

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Hi there,

If your SCSS compiler does not have an option to run autoprefix (I believe LESS compiler can do this with plugin (or could do in the past)) then you have these options:

1) Just create another file watcher for this and run it after compilation (1st will compile SCSS to CSS, 2nd will work on already compiled CSS file).

2) Make a shell/batch script that will do the job (run both commands one after another) and then use it as File Watcher (as it can run any CLI program).

3) Use whatever task management tool you like (e.g. gulp/grunt or alike) and execute their "compile scss to css" task as a File Watcher (same as #2 basically)


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