Rubymine - I am not able to run Rake Task in "Debug" mode, but able to run "Run" mode


In rubymine, when I try to run in debug mode for a rake task, the ide is just hanging (waiting for some resource) and I don't see the debugger going into the rake task. I had set the required environment variables. It runs on my collegues machine with the same parameters, but not on myen.

Observered that, in ruby25-x64\lib\ruby\gems\2.5.0\gems\rake-12.3.2\lib\rake\file_utils.rb in line: 54, system(*cmd, options) is giving timeout exception and hanging.

If I type the content of the "cmd" in command prompt, it is working fine.

Please suggest me on this.

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could you please specify RubyMine's and debug gems' versions?

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Hi, Finally, I am able to resolve it...after I uninstalled all the GEMS and finally reinstalled them.


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