PyCharm 2019.1.3 (Professional Edition) problem with sync when debugging remotely using ssh interpreter



I'm trying to debug my project on a remote machine using ssh interpreter.

I was able to setup ssh interpreter and requested to map local repository to the deployment path on a remote server.

During setup a mirror directory was successfully created on a remote machine, I was also able to successfully connect to the remote ssh interpreter.

However, later when modifying local repository, "File/Save All", and "File/Synchronize", I found out that local changes were not pushed to the deployment path.

Please let me know if this is expected behavior. I expected PyCharm to sync local modifications in the deployment folder and then execute them using remote ssh interpreter.


Thank you!



File > Synchronize loads changes from local disk. You need to use "Tools > Deployment", or right-click the project root/individual files and from the drop down menu select "Deployment > Download/Upload/Sync".


Hi Andrey,

Thank you for your reply.

Indeed, "Tools > Deployment > Upload to" worked.

However, I am confused whether it's an expected workflow to do it manually. I see that the option "Tools > Deployment >  Automatic upload (always)" is checked.

Please let me know.

Thank you!


The files should be uploaded automatically when you execute your code.


When I "Run" and "Debug" my code the sync doesn't occur.


Also make sure that local synchronization is enabled in "File | Settings/Preferences | Appearance & Behavior | System Settings".

Is your SSH interpreter configured properly?


If still not working, can you please provide your synchronization, deployment, and interpreter settings screenshots?


Andrey, the problem was that when I was setting "Upload changed files automatically to the default server" I didn't set the default deployment server.

Everything works now -- please close the ticket.

Thanks for your help!


I still don't understand what is the difference between "File > Synchronize" and "Tools > Deployment > Sync with Deployed to". Does it perform the same action now that I set the default deployment server?


File > Synchronize - synchronize in-memory content (what you see in the editor) with the file. It's different from "Save" because it reloads the file if there was any external changes.

Tools > Deployment > Sync - synchronize with the remote host.

Easy as that.


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