Multiple NodeJS versions running on Win10 and having git problems


Hi all,

I guess, I have a very specific topic but perhaps someone can help me.

I gave multiple node version installed on my Win10 machine with the newest one (v11.12.0) in standard path environment variable. In my path variable is also a directory "batch" where I have several batch files, one of those is a node-switch.bat which adds the path to another node version as the first path in the path environment variable and also executes the corresponding nodevars.bat. With this, I can have multiple node version installed on my windows system and use whichever one I need for a project.

For one project I use node v08.16.0 and yarn as package manager. This works perfectly on the console with my current setup and batch files.

Now, when I want to commit and push my changes to Github, we execute some scripts. Some of them involve yarn (i.e. "yarn prettier --write"). This works totally fine in my console.

But in IntelliJ, the standard node version (v11.12.0) is executed. I guess, it's because git executes this and not IntelliJ (because in IntelliJ the yarn commands work fine). I totally understand, that git executes the standard node version as in git's context, the node version hasn't changed and nodevars.bat is not executed.


So my question is, can I change PATH variable for the loaded project in IntelliJ when it executes git(-hooks)?




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You can start IntelliJ from a console where PATH variable is already changed properly.
Another way is to modify your git hook to modify PATH (run node-switch.bat/odevars.bat) prior to executing "yarn prettier --write". Seems it should work too.

Hope it will help.

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Hi Sergey,


thank you for your ideas!

I think, I won't be able to change our git hook since the other developer uses macOS. This might break his process then :(

I will have to rely on git CLI.


Thanks anyway!

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Thanks, I see. Then, starting IntelliJ from console (where PATH variable is already changed properly) will likely help.

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You should be able to change the hooks without modifying the version saved in the repo. Hooks are in fact local to the repo - stored in .git/hooks in the project repo, and are not shared.

There are tools that allow sharing the hooks via repo, but essentially, they link/copy the hooks to the mentioned folder.

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Hi guys,

thank you for you input!

We are using husky as git hook ... thingy (I don't really know what it is, but I understand it's something about git hooks).

I tried a fast approach and just hacked some command lines into .git/hooks/pre-commit but it didn't work out. I didn't took the time to investigate, yet. I will keep you updated on this.

About starting IntelliJ with PATH variable: I guess, I can use it (didn't try it). I, for now, open a command line to commit as I'm familiar with git on CLI and then I don't have to restart IntelliJ :)




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