Unable to download packages from within the IDE

I'm unable to download go packages from within the IDE. 

I found the following article on SA: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/48486059/shortcut-to-install-libraries-in-goland

However, none of both solutions work for me:

- if the import line is in my clipboard, and I switch to my IDE, It doesn't give me an option in the right-bottom corner to download the package.

- "Show intention" (alt-enter) doesn't work either. It only gives me two options "Add dot import alias" and "Add import alias".


I'm new to Go development, so I'm still learning the basics...

I'm using GoLand on OSX.

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Does your project use Go modules? Is Go modules support enabled in "Preferences | Go | Go Modules (vgo)"?

If you do not use modules, is your project located inside GOPATH?

Do I understand it correctly that you try to invoke intention action on the import that you want to download? So, the import path should be red (unresolved) when you invoke the action, right?

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Also, please provide your IDE version.


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