JavaScript files and source map copying and deleting

I have a project with a lot of JS files and accompanying maps. Due to how our project workflow is designed, when updating the JS, I have to manually delete all the files and copy them in from another project (please don't ask, I did not come up with this and have no way to change this at the moment). I have experienced two very annoying problems while doing this.

First, IDEA correctly recognizes the source maps in the project the JS files are copied from and shows them collapsed under their respective file, but when selecting and copying the files, I have to manually expand every single file entry before to get the maps selected, too. This gets easily forgotten when you have about 60 JS files and I always have to scroll a lot to get this done.

Second, as the JS file names change, I need to delete the existing files in the target project first. I have two options: When I select only the JS files and delete them, I get a total of 60 prompts, telling me that a related file (the source map) has been found and if I wanted to delete that file, too. The other option is to expand all files again to see the source map, then select all and delete them.

All in all, this is a very tedious process, especially if this is done multiple times a day. I see that the workflow itself is far from optimal, but I think this is a general issue and IDEA should have an option to always delete source maps when the script file is deleted or at least collect the prompts into a single one after, not stating for every file that a related file has been found but rather that for the 60 files to be deleted, 60 related files have been found.

Now the question is, am I simply not aware of such an option or is there a better way to get stuff like this done (for somebody who can't decide if things get done like this)?

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There is no such option, please feel free to file a request for it to youtrack,

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I may be missing something .. but why not have a gulp/grunt/npm/whatever task or some batch/shell script that will do the actual delete & copy tasks .. and then just call that task in any convenient way?


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