What is the point of the 'Words' option in 'Find in Path'?

Between Match Case and Regex is the option 'Words' How does checking this change the type of search from the default search? I haven't noticed a difference in any searches when I check and uncheck 'Words'.

Docs cover Find in Place but it doesn't explain the 'Words' option.


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Shortly speaking, this option is needed to find only the whole word occurrence, not just its part.

F.e., you need to find a function named "thing", but you have also functions labelled "something" and "anything". By typing just "thing", you will see all three functions and that could be excessive, so you need to narrow your search to exact "thing" word. A silly example but I hope it explains how things work.

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Thank you, that is a perfect example.. It basically does a search to match the search query to strings that are only between non alphanumeric.


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