CustomComponentAction not rendering my custom component


I'm trying to design a component that will be in a toolbar sub item. But I cannot make it work. No matter what I put in createCustomComponent it renders a simple action.

I use this in my plugin.xml

<!-- Add your actions here -->
<group id="AsciiDoc" class="org.asciidoc.intellij.actions.asciidoc.AsciiDocActionGroup">
<group id="AsciiDoc.TextFormatting" compact="true" description="Text Markup Actions" popup="true"
text="AsciiDoc" class="org.asciidoc.intellij.actions.asciidoc.AsciiDocActionGroup">
<group id="AsciiDoc.MyId" compact="true" description="Description"
icon="AsciiDocIcons.EditorActions.TABLE" popup="true"
text="Text" class="com.intellij.openapi.actionSystem.DefaultActionGroup">
<action class="org.asciidoc.intellij.actions.asciidoc.MyCustomComponentAction"
text="My text">

With that class:

public class MyCustomComponentAction extends AnAction implements CustomComponentAction {

public MyCustomComponentAction() {

public void actionPerformed(@NotNull AnActionEvent eve) {


public JComponent createCustomComponent(@NotNull Presentation presentation) {
JComboBox jComboBox = new JComboBox( new String[]{ "haha", "hehe" } );

return jComboBox;


And it renders as this:

Any idea on what I missed?

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Custom components are not supported for menus.
You can remove `popup="true"` from "AsciiDoc.MyId"/"AsciiDoc.TextFormatting" groups, and the combobox should become visible on toolbar.

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Ho that's too bad that it's not supported in menus, thanks for your help.

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You can show a custom popup menu when toolbar button is clicked and have full control over it.

Smth like this:

`com.intellij.openapi.ui.popup.JBPopupFactory` or `com.intellij.ui.popup.WizardPopup` could be a starting point.


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