Idea 2019.2EAP SQL Session/Services Window - Results Pane size


Hi there,

when I execute an SQL query, IntelliJ Idea is showing me the window with the layout laid out as below. You can see the results pane needs enlarging to view properly. Even if I enlarge the results pane, when I execute another SQL query, it shrinks back down again.

However this isn't the case for all queries. When I open other SQL files and execute SQL from them, sometimes the results window is optimally sized.

This is obviously something to do with the session windows used.


The layout is remembered once set for the tool window. Does it help to reset it using Restore Default Layout:


Hi Andrey,

if I do "Restore Default Layout" then the output window and the data grid are made into sibling tabs on the same tab bar, which is not my intention - my intention is to have the output and the data grid visible one below the other. Hopefully that makes sense - I want the Output window to remain separate from the data grid tabs, which I did initially by dragging the tab off that tab bar.



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