How to close editor > code suggestion popup in openapi


in short, I hope use openapi to close "code suggestion" popup, how should i do


see my gif, I upgrade rider 2018 to 2019.1.2, the "extract > variable" become complex, I hope "extract > variable" work like rider 2017, for ex, in my gif, I hope "extract > variable" and focus is in `dmc5VLiteEditor` in following code, not focus "var" and show "code suggestion"

var dmc5VLiteEditor = ins

so I can use rider > macro todo this

but I hope imple above macro in openapi in code

my way is:

call IntroduceVariableAction

close code suggestion popup

call nexttemplatevariable action

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I find the solution:
see "choose lookup item" Action class 
in current version, hide window should be:
        def lookup = LookupManager.getActiveLookup(getCurEd());
        if (lookup instanceof LookupImpl) {

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