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I've been successfully using Pycharm with remote debugging for almost a year now and it is very helpful with web app development. I use a docker-compose interpreter with my run/debug configuration and it works perfectly for web requests.  The one major problem I keep running into is the inability to remotely debug a running container via a PyCharm console session. Starting a "python console" session from pycharm starts a new container so changes to the code are not updated without restart the console session, but most importantly the breakpoints obviously don't work! I often benefit from the ability to place breakpoints and run functions from a shell environment, and I often find myself turning to pudb and ipython with autoreload enabled. 

Has anyone with a similar development environment figured out a way to remotely utilize the pycharm debugger via a console session? Is this possible in any way?

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Unfortunately remote debugging in the console is not currently supported. We have a related feature request:


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