cached files with remote deployment (PyCharm Prof 2019.1)


I have a PyCharm project with remote interpreter setup (i.e. IDE runs on my local MAC, but I want to run the code on a remote machine with GPUs)

Also, we have packaged some of the helper functions that are defined in files in the same project, and we have installed these packages in 'editable' mode (-e) on the same folder on the remote machine that I map my local project directory to

Thus, we should be able to make changes to the code for one of those packages locally, and have the changes propagate through to the remote machine

So far so good

BUT when I want to go the declaration of a method of one of these packaged helper functions via a keyboard shortcut (cmd-B), the PyCharm IDE brings up a cached file

Is there a way to force PyCharm to simply go to the local copy of the file with the helper function declaration -- ( see blow: in this case which I can see on my left had side menu ) ?




Unfortunately, there is a known problem with editable sources, please vote for it and follow for updates.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience.






presumably a fix would also allow for the setting of debugging breakpoints inside source files of packages installed via '-e' on the remote machine?

For those of us who are running code that cannot easily be run locally (e.g. tensorflow running on a GPU on the remote machine) this makes a pretty big impact to our productivity



This issue was first reported in 2017, so I take it a solution is not imminent


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