How to connect to a remote Jupyter notebook?

I usually use my browser to go to the server which shows the file tree with notebooks (like http://remote-host:8888/tree), and I select a notebook from there and work with it.

In this case, the URL to a notebook is like http://remote-host:8888/notebooks/xxx.ipynb.

Note that the notebook itself is truly remote, i.e. any changes are saved on the server, not locally inside PyCharm.

How can I connect to that remote notebook from PyCharm?
How can I get a list of available notebooks?
Looks like most of the posts here are about creating a new notebook inside PyCharm and run it on a remote server, not about actually using an already existing remote notebook, unless I'm missing something.


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Along these lines, also tried executing an ipynb from PyCharm via Remote Host since I cannot browse the filesystem associated with the remote server automatically.  PyCharm complains that the "Jupyter file is outside of the module" and will not let me execute it on the remote jupyter server

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Thank you, that's exactly what I meant.

It would also be great to have a way to select a remote notebook from the remote file tree, the same way you do it in web interface when you connect to a remote Jupyter server in your browser.


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