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hello in a few months the new xcode will be accessible with the support of SwiftUI. I do not like the Ide xcode. I use appcode every day. So is he going to support SwiftUI with a live preview?

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Unfortunately, at this point we cannot say, whether AppCode will support this feature and if so, when this is going to happen.

Hello, I think this would be a very nice feature.


The Same Here, Hope It come to out


I don't care if App Code doesn't have the live render... that's chrome that will get in the way after 5 mins. If it can support the live preview on a device - that's all it needs. 

If I could swap from Xcode to app code and never touch Xcode I would; so far it's been IB that's been holding that back... with SwiftUI my first thought, wasn't on how little code it took to make a table, it was - finally, I can go to app code full time. 

Please throw everything at this. I'm sick of the crappy code formatting and restrictions in code styling and strange text editing behaviour in Xcode. I spent as much time fighting it as I do coding. 

I need app code. 


SwiftUI would be an awesome addition to AppCode and would make it the default IDE for vim users who have had to deal with XCode's lack of integration due to IB dev team requirements.


Lack of StoryBoard support was the only thing that did not let me use AppCode fulltime.

Please support SwiftUI, Xcode is making me desparate every day!


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