Debugging coffeescript files with file watcher configured to output to a subdirectory

I am using Coffeescript and trying to configure the file watcher to output its file to a sub directory whilst also being able to debug. I can't seem to get the combination of outputting to a subdirectory and debugging working.

If I use the default file watcher configuration then I'm able to hit the breakpoints. See below for the configuration for it.



I'm able to successfully configure the file watcher to output to a `source-maps` folder from the root of the project. However when I configure it this way the break points aren't hit.

Value for the "arguments" input:

  • --output $ProjectFileDir$/source-maps/$FileDirRelativeToProjectRoot(coffee)$ --map --compile $FileName$`

Value for the "Output paths to refresh" input":

  • $ProjectFileDir$/source-maps/$FileDirRelativeToProjectRoot(coffee)$/$FileNameWithoutExtension$.js:$ProjectFileDir$/source-maps/$FileDirRelativeToProjectRoot(coffee)$/$FileNameWithoutExtension$.map


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most probably smth is wrong with sourcemaps. but it works for me using similar setup.

Can you share a project that can be used to recreate the issue?

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Unfortunately I'm trying to get this working with company code which is not open source.

We have a mix of js and coffeescript files. The entry file is a js file which is what I provide in the debug configuration. Would this perhaps be the cause of the issue?

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Not sure... The debugger should still be able to find the source files by sourcemaps


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