node js coding assistance not working with remote hosting environment on phpstorm


I am trying PhpStorm 2019.1.3 right now and I find a issue with your product that needs to addressed as soon as possible. I am using VirtualBox for my development works and that is why I want to use PhpStorm with remote hosting environment So I have created a remote node.js project from exiting files on my remote host. I have downloaded and enabled Node.js Remote plugin and configured Run/Debug Configuration by adding my remote host Run and Debug works fine.

Now the problem is when I write code I did not get any code assistance on node.js core modules. I have tried to enable this by Node.js And NPM setting Tab but because I am running node.js on VirtualBox I am not able add remote node.js executable path and NPM path and that is why I am not able to click "Node.js coding assistance" Checkbox.

Now if i mount my linux directory's from VirtualBox using some kind SSHFS clients and adding node.js executable path and NPM path into Node.js And NPM setting Tab still node.js version not displayed but NPM version displayed so I figure out this is something related to run time node.js executable and because PhpStorm not able to execute node.js on mounted drive because
windows node.js must be an .exe file.

So I make a workaround by installing a node.js 10.16.0 on my windows and provided that .exe path to Node.js And NPM setting Tab in node.js executable path and leave NPM path from my mounted drive. That works.

Please provide add remote option in Node.js And NPM setting Tab too so i can buy PhpStorm Licence with confidant.


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Can't be expected in near future...

There are multiple reasons why we currently do not fully support using remote Node.js interpreters, and do not allow choosing them as a default project Node.js interpreter: first is the performance - apart from integrations with tools like task and test runners via run configurations, PhpStorm has several integrations that rely on using services that run with node (e.g. TypeScript, Angular, linters) and should provide immediate feedback on typing. We are not sure that we can provide the best experience with these tools when node is not available locally.
Second is the overall complexity of such support. As mentioned, there're over a dozen tool integrations in PhpStorm that use node and there are 3 ways to configure remote interpreters (Docker, Vagrant, SSH) - implementing and testing that is a huge amount of work that we are not ready to invest in at the moment.
That leading to the third reason: while we see the overall trend of using remote environments for dev tools and workflows, we don't see a wide adoption of it among JavaScript developers as well as a support of this workflow by the tools themselves. We definitely keep an eye on that, but at the moment we are not ready to commit to implementing a full support for remotely-installed Node.js.

In particular, there is currently no way to install javascript libraries using remote interpreter.
To get core Node.js functions like require() resolved, you can try installing Node.js typings in your project - npm i @types/node


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