How to change credentianl.helper for vsc in intellij?


Hello! I need your help. The main problem is a little bit different. When I trying to fetch/pull/push via Intellij VSC, it requires to enter password. Despite I enter correct password, the process throws 'Authentication failed' error. I read in some post that Intellij uses command line git .  But I can fetch/pull/push via console without any authentication successfully. Then I looked through the VS Console and saw that it doesn't use any credential.helper, although git uses store. You can see it in images. How can I solve it?

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While IntelliJ indeed overrides credential helper to ensure authentication is handled on the IDE side (this is needed e.g. for the correct operation of GitHub integration), entering a valid password when promoted should work, and the password should be saved.

So the main issue here is 'Authentication failed' error after entering a password. Maybe you use 2fa on the server, and a token has to be used instead of a password? Also, there might be some related errors in the IDE logs. Please check, and submit an issue to if 

You may tell IDE to use helper as a workaround as well. See

In 2019.1.4 and later versions, there will be an option on the login dialog and in the settings


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