Hitting Enter at end of line now goes to beginning of previous line instead of block indent

Since I have auto-remove lines with just spaces or tabs, I sometimes drop debug at the beginning of an empty line, which is nice to make it easy to remember to remove it later and which debug lines were on empty lines.

However, it seems like with the latest update, hitting Enter after that line (which has the text at the beginning rather than at the natural indent of the code block) put the cursor at the beginning of the previous line's text rather than the beginning of the block's natural indent.

Some other lower-quality editors do this and it's SUPER-annoying and counter-intuitive... if I want to create a new line of code, I then have to tab-tab-tab (or space-space-space-space-per-indent) to get to the beginning of the natural block indent. If I put the cursor at the beginning of the next line (already indented) and hit Enter, it puts THAT text at the beginning of the line (indenting it wrong)... this is really dopey behavior. I'm using version 2019.1.3.

I thought it used to put the cursor at the beginning of the code block indent following any line regardless of where it starts; if it did the behavior it did now, I would have been too annoyed to not bring it up here.

Am I missing something? I just want the cursor to behave intuitively as it does 90% of the time already in PHPStorm.

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I went back to 2018.3, and behavior hasn't changed since then. Are you sure it has even behaved as you describe it?
Frankly, I think the fact that IDE would repeatedly drop you off to an indentation level it thinks is right would be much more annoying.


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