Weird bug in #WindowManager.getInstance().getStatusBar


I'm experiencing a weird bug during Plugin development.

My plugin will connect to a server every time a project is opened, and I want to reflect the connection status on the status bar.

So now I have implemented a #StatusBarWidget and I want to use #StatusBar.addWidget to append this widget to the status bar when I'm calling my #init function.

I passed the #init function to #ApplicationUtils.pool within #ProjectManagerListener.projectOpened event.

However, I cannot access the status bar by #WindowManager.getInstance().getStatusBar

The #WindowManagerImpl.myProjectToFrame is a empty HashMap.

I've used a debugger to check #myProjectToFrame before #init was called. It was not empty at that time and then turned to an empty map.

I also tried to invoke #init at a later phase (#EditorOpened event), and the status widget was successfully appended.

I'm very confused about this bug, I wonder if you may have some clue about the cause?



I'm not sure if it is inappropriate to access status bar during "projectOpened".

If that's the case, is there any event being triggered right after "projectOpened"?

Many thanks



Are you not using com.intellij.openapi.wm.StatusBarWidgetProvider to register your StatusBarWidget?


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