Raspberry Pi 4

Hi there,

I tried Pycharm on the new Rpi 4, and it was a bit borked in a few places... but after looking around at other IDE's, I found out that replacing openjdk with the oracle version, in raspbian, made for a faster java experience. Then I tried Pycharm again once the new jdk was installed ... and man oh man, is it better, significantly. Plus all the drawing issues it had went away, and now feels like it does on my mac and ubuntu machines ... I jave to now clean up from all the other ide's I tried, and stay happily in Pycharm.... as it should be.



Hi Brett,

Thank you for sharing your experience. I hope you will enjoy using PyCharm on this wonderful device (I'm a fan of Raspberry Pi myself.)


No Worries, it is a great experience so far, have been using it all week, and no complaints .... adding a second monitor shortly to see how it then performs ... but being able to jump around platforms and still use the same IDE is awesome, thanks.



i am wondering if you might share how you:

- installed pycharm on the rpi 4b

- replaced the openjdk with oracle jdk on the rpi 4b

it would be fantastic to be able to use pycharm on the rpi 4b




off the top of my head I don't remember the exact steps, it was a google search that set it all off. I found one way that removed openjdk altogether, and another way that kept both, but allowed you to select which one to use by default. (I have tried both ways and they work)

the method where you keep both is probably best, as some apps reinstall openjdk due to dependancies, when they are getting installed, and you end up with both anyway, but defaulting to openjdk ... 

To install pycharm, I simply copied the install folder off an ubuntu linux box I have here ... and you just have to run something like ...


sorry not to be specific, but it wasn't terribly difficult to find the steps to install the "oracle jdk beside openjdk on raspbian"... I'll post another message when I find the link I used.


and it is fantastic to use on the 4B .... 



Thanks for the reply.  I will dig into this more because having pycharm on a the Pi 4B is something i definitely would like to have.  Any clues you can pass along would be greatly appreciated. Your clue about searching for "oracle jdk beside openjdk on raspbian" is excellent.



Give this a whirl, it's pretty much what I did ... the last 2 commands may ask for input, you just have to choose the jdk 1.8.0




i am currently running pycharm on a raspberry pi 4B with 4gb of ram and so far i have not installed oracle jdk 8 and pycharm seems to be ok so far using the open jdk. i am running a python flask server.  you mentioned pycharm runs better with oracle jdk 8 so i wondering what should i watch out for?  If i run into trouble i will install oracle jdk 8.  thanks for the link to the install instructions.


oh it is really nice to have pycharm on the pi 4B.  i did not ever put pycharm on a pi 3B+ because it it only had 1 gb of ram

Pycharm Install Steps:

- download pycharm for linux (i did this on a win10 box)
    from https://www.jetbrains.com/pycharm/download/other.html  
- unzip, untar pycharm using 7-zip  (i did this on a win10 box)
- see pycharm Install-Linux-tar.txt in the root dir of download
- copied pycharm to rpi 4B (used winscp to do the copy) 
where you put pycharm will be the install dir /home/pi/pycharm-community-2019.2 > cd /home/pi/pycharm-community-2019.2/bin > sudo chmod 744 * (give everything in bin dir execute permissions) > ./pycharm.sh - edit .bashrc to add alias to start pycharm alias pcm='/home/pi/pycharm-community-2019.2/bin/pycharm.sh' - exported pycharm keymap on win10 box sent it rpi 4b import settings and select file keymap file

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