Maven profiles not listed when using


In the maven view, the profile are not listed when I select a custom maven installation. However, if I use the bundled maven, the profiles are listed.

Using Custom maven installation


Using bundled maven installation



Bundled maven version: 3.3.9

Custom maven version: 3.6.0

OS: Ubuntu 19.04

JDK: Oracle java 12


Works fine for me. Please file an issue at YouTrack and attach screenshots of Maven and Maven | Importing settings, the idea.log file after IDE restart and reproducing the problem (when using both Maven versions) and snippet of pom.xml file where you define profiles.


After further investigation,I found out that the real problem was where I located the maven home directory.  If the home directory is location in /usr/share/maven , intellij could not read the profiles.  However, if I located the file in /home/$USER_NAME/some-directory/ I could load my profiles.

I can only conclude that this was caused by some permission errors.  


I am not going to investigate further since I have crossed the huddle


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