Pycharm debugger will only stop at first breakpoint

I'm a new user to Pycharm and want to step through some code but the only breakpoint I can get it to stop on is it's first line def..., after that it won't stop on anything.

If that isn't the first one it won't stop at all.

Having stopped on this one it won't step line by line either.


Any ideas for a newbie?

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It's hard to understand your issue without some examples. Please provide code samples, and your breakpoint settings from Run > View breakpoints.

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Hi Andrey,

Thank you ever so much for replying.

Here's the beginning of my code :-

from decimal import *
def newChange():
count = 0
totalCost = Decimal(00.00)
change = Decimal(00.00)
pay = Decimal(00.00)

I've got a break point on the line def newChange() and another one on pay = Decimal(00.00).

When I run the debugger it will stop on the def line and show all the various variables but when I click either 'step over' or 'step into' it all stops does this :-


Here's my settings:-

Many thanks!

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Unfortunately I cannot reproduce the issue with this piece of code. Please reproduce the issue in a new file with some minimal code, then provide full content of the file.


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