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I would like to add a couple of new templates to the Run/Debug Configurations section in IntelliJ.
I have been exploring the IntelliJ Community source code and identified the com.intellij.execution.configurations.ConfigurationType interface as common to all elements in the list of run configurations that are showing up in the UI when I click Run->Edit Configurations. However It isn't clear how to add new templates to the list. Please can you advise if/how that can be done and give any guidance on how to do it? For example, is it simply a matter of implementing a class that implements ConfigurationType and including it in a plugin (I tried this and it didn't appear to work)?



If you're not using gradle, perhaps the following will give you some hints.  If you are, it can be done in the build.gradle file like this:

private void generateRunConfigurations() {

createGradleRunConfiguration('Run IDE (default)', 'runIde', '', '')
createGradleRunConfiguration('Run IDE (default) - Suppress ProcessCanceledExceptions', 'runIde', '', ' -Didea.ProcessCanceledException=disabled')
createGradleRunConfiguration('Run Tests (default)', 'test', '', '')
createGradleRunConfiguration('Run Single Test (default)', 'test', '', '--tests "{replace this with FQDN of test suite or single test}"')

createGradleRunConfiguration('Generate Parsers', 'cleanGenerated generateHaxeParser generateHxmlParser', '', '')

createGradleRunConfiguration('Run Tests 2018', 'test', "-PtargetVersion=$latest2018Version", '')
createGradleRunConfiguration('Run Tests 2017', 'test', "-PtargetVersion=$latest2017Version", '')
createGradleRunConfiguration('Run Tests 2016', 'test', "-PtargetVersion=$latest2016Version", '')

createGradleRunConfiguration('Run IDE 2018',
createGradleRunConfiguration('Run IDE 2017',
createGradleRunConfiguration('Run IDE 2016',
'-Xmx1024m -Xms512m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m -ea -DHAXELIB_LIST_PATH_SUPPORTED=1')


// create IDEA run configurations from Gradle JavaExec tasks
private void createGradleRunConfiguration(String configName, String taskList,String scriptParams, String vmOptions) {

def runConfigurationsDir = new File(".idea/runConfigurations")

def writer = new FileWriter(new File(runConfigurationsDir, "${configName.replaceAll("\\s", "_")}.xml"))
def xml = new MarkupBuilder(writer)

xml.component(name: "ProjectRunConfigurationManager") {
configuration(default: 'false', name: configName, type: "GradleRunConfiguration", factoryName: "Gradle") {
ExternalSystemSettings() {
option(name: 'executionName')
option(name: 'externalProjectPath', value: '$PROJECT_DIR$')
option(name: 'externalSystemIdString', value: "GRADLE")
option(name: 'scriptParameters', value: scriptParams)
option(name: 'taskNames') {
list() {
for (String task : taskList.split('\\s')) {
option(value: task)
option(name: 'vmOptions', value: vmOptions)

Gradle plug-in sources are at


Please explain what "add new templates to the list" exactly means? Screenshot?


Hi Eric / Yann,

Thanks for the advice about using gradle scripting to generate new run configurations. However it wasn't exactly what I was looking for.

What I mean is how can we add new entries to the list shown here, for example by using a plugin?






Brilliant, thanks Yann, that gives me lots to work on.

Many thanks,






Related to this: I have edited the template of an existing configuration created by the author of the plugin called TeXify. I am hoping, without Java, to ensure that when I create a new project, the configuration template for LaTeX will be exactly as below.



Stuart Sa Yes, that should work


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