why am I getting educational use only?



I have been using pycharm professional in my device with an active license

recently I got a new device so I downloaded pycharm professional and entered my license, 

the version I downloaded was newer that the one I had in my old device (old device 2018.3 while new device 2019.1)

I have noticed a change in the interface for example I can't find the settings and I thought it's because it's a new version, but I noticed that the license is "for educational use only" while I haven't seen this sentence in my old device

I tried to remove lisence from my old and new device and start it again in my new device only, but nothing changed

can anyone explain why is this happening? and is it related to the change of the interface?

note: my old device is windows 10 and my new device is mac pro

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Could you please share a screenshot of PyCharm | About PyCharm on the Mac OS, a screenshot of Help | About on the Windows and another one of the following page https://account.jetbrains.com/profile-details?

We'll check your account and the license.

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unfortunately, now I am getting "educational use only in the two devices" since I removed the license in the old device and added it again, but I am sure I didn't have this in the old device before removing the license


this is the profile

this is from the new device

this is from the old device now

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Have you purchased the license or got it through our education support program https://www.jetbrains.com/student/?

If second, then it's correct that you see For educational use only message.

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Thank you @Sergey Karpov, it seems that I bought it using educational program


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