Unable to get all the features of WebStorm/PhpStorm inside of IntelliJ


I am trying to migrate to IntelliJ, but, I am finding the plugins/packages hard to understand.

I seem to be missing a lot of the autocomplete and other features that were present inside of PhpStorm and/or Webstorm despite installing a lot of plugins.

Everytime I search for plugins, I seem to find more that I missed... Is there any "plugin bundles" or a complete list anywhere of all the individual plugins I need to install so that I can get identical support inside of IntelliJ as I have on PhpStorm?

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Hello William, 
The PHP plugin for IntelliJ IDEA should have the same php-related functionality as PhpStorm. 

Please see https://stackoverflow.com/a/13829907/104891.

So, could you please elaborate on that? Is there an exact missing functionality, or use-case that is working in a lightweight IDE, but do not work in IntelliJ IDEA? 

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Hi @Konstantin,

I saw that post already and understand it is possible, I just don't "feel" as productive as I did in PhpStorm, some shortcuts aren't working, some framework specific  autocomplete items aren't working and it just doesn't feel right.

I just felt like I was missing some of the plugins (e.g. I wish that the initial page where you can tick extras to install would simply have a "PhpStorm" and "WebStorm" button... 

If this is how it is meant to be, I'll just try to get used to it then.



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