Silent.config path command

Hello everyone, I'm trying to create a powershell script to silently install Webstorm. I want to put the path in CONFIG= as the working directory but I don't know which command should I use. I want to deploy it through SCCM and there isn't a fixed directory since it downloads the files to a cache folder. Any thoughts? Thank you in advance.


don't understand what you are trying to accomplish, sorry... /CONFIG option is a path to silent.config file  (


Hello sorry for that,

instead of /CONFIG=d:/temp which is a fixed directory (meaning the file is always there)

i want to use the working directory which the file will be saved by SCCM (for example C:/windows/sccmcache/d$)

because the last folder changes name depending on many variables, is there any command I can put between /CONFIG= and /silent.config

that would tell the installation program to find it on the current working directory?


Thank you for the fast response and your time.


Hmmm... The installer is using the standard NSIS function (http:// to access a config... You can try using environment variables - Not sure if this works though, didn't try it myself


Note that, instead of using the installer, you can always use a .zip version of the product that you can extyrtact anywhere and then create needed shortcuts, etc. using MSI or any other installer/batch script


OK thank you very much for your help, I'll take a look at this.


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