Remote Project Setup including git

Hi, currently I'm evaluating PyCharm Professional scoping on to work with project in remote system. The remote project is a project managed by git.

On the first try, I manage to setup deployment path between local and remote folder. The files are synchronized as expected except the git information as the .git folder is excluded explicitly by you.

What is your opinion if I include the .git folder in deployment option? Will it work to work l / Do you have experience to work locally and to have git information also synchronized to remote system?


Thanks and best regards, Steve S.

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Sorry, I don't have experience synching the .git directory and I don't see the reason to. SSH interpreter is designed to be used just to run your code on the remote host, not to store it there. It's even mapped to /tmp directory by default which is cleaned upon reboot.

All the git operations should be done locally, where you develop your project.


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