Can't find inspection "Field accessed via magic method"

Super-annoying hover pop-up that gets in the way of me seeing, clicking, or typing sometimes.


To add insult to injury, the message is different in settings and apparently not findable...

So which one is it?! 

I'm fine disabling this warning I don't need to know about in this context (because the $xml object is dynamically-instantiated anyway, PS I didn't write this code I just have to work with it as it is) or making it a weak warning and JUST STOPPING THE POP-UP but I can't even find it.

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Hello, try to open Help - Find Action - Registry and then enable ide.disable.editor.tooltips checkbox.

As for the inspection itself: yeah it's a shame it can't be found using the search.

Generally you can find a related inspection via Alt+Enter this way:

Selecting "Edit inspection profile ..." would navigate you directly to the inspection itself.

I've submitted a corresponding issue:


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