Restore accidently deleted Favorite lists?


I accidently deleted several Favorite lists in PhpStorm side panel with Backspace button (which should never delete Favore lists without confirmation btw.) and I'm looking for a way to restore those. Some Favorite lists had dozens of files tied to a signle Tasks and i dont even know which were selected/deleted when i hit Backspace button accidentally.

Edit/Redo menu item does not work for Favorite list operations.

I learned, that in PhpStorm 10.X favorite lists are stored in workspace.xml, but that file is not part of project so there is not local history.

Is there a way to restore deleted favorite lists if there is no other external backup of .idea folder?



As discussed in a support request, favorites can't be restored unfortunately.


I asked the community before I got your answer hoping someone alredy has found solution for this. Thank you for your reply.


That's totally fine, no worries. I've left this comment just in case anyone else was wondering.


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