ActionPopupMenu icons are not displayed?


I created a bunch of actions and added them to my ActionPopupMenu. Everything works fine except icons I created the actions with are not displayed in the popup menu. Is it designed to be this way or is there a way to get them displayed? For example,

DefaultActionGroup group = new DefaultActionGroup();
for (Scenario scenario : scenarios) {
boolean isChecked = currentScenario != null && currentScenario.getName().equals(scenario.getName());
group.add(new AnAction(scenario.getPresentableText(), scenario.getLocationString(), isChecked ? AllIcons.Actions.Checked : null) {
public void actionPerformed(AnActionEvent e) {
//Do something here
final ActionPopupMenu popupMenu =
((ActionManagerImpl) ActionManager.getInstance())
.createActionPopupMenu(ToolWindowContentUi.POPUP_PLACE, group, new MenuItemPresentationFactory(true));
//Show menu here

The code above works just fine, the actions are displayed as menu items and selecting them triggers the right actions, but I don't see any icons being displayed.


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Does it work when you pass in false in MenuItemPresentationFactory() ctor?

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Ah, bingo, that was it! Thank you!


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Great, see com.intellij.openapi.actionSystem.impl.MenuItemPresentationFactory#processPresentation condition


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