DataGrip 2019.2 lost all data sources after update.


After update to 2019.2 all datasources are disappeared.

Is it any way to do automatically without copying all the settings manually? 


Quite simply, an awful experience. Horrible. Very unlike Jetbrains. This should definitely be fixed. 


Any solutions to this issue?


I lost my settings.
After updating, settings are not fully transferred to a new version directory.
Update was made by toolbox but when making some free space I've deleted old DataGrip2019 directory.
This is not good approach to keep settings in random places of older versions that were updated like 2 years ago! Please do not treat db connections configs like projects with source code that are backed up by git, or make this explicit.
I have to fix this manually, you can check if there is some dependency to old project directory by file>open recent>manage projects. :)


Hi there,

I also lost all database connections and scratch-files after the DataGrip 2020->2021 update.
Thanks to the comments above, I found out how to restore the data without downgrading the IDE.

1. Go to File -> Manage IDE settings -> Import settings
2. Select the folder with the previous version of DataGrip. For me, it was ~/Library/Application Support/JetBrains/DataGrip2020.3
3. Click "Open." The IDE will restart, and all the data sources and scratches should be restored

I hope it helps


I use ToolBox + Intellij Idea. Current version is 2020.1.2. Just now I noticed that all database connections disappeared (oh no. I hope I can recover them)

1. How to find the version since when they disappeared?

2. How to restore them (if possible)?

3. How to make it not happen again?


After update to 2020.2 all lost data sources re-appeared!

Does anyone know the relevant issue url?




Yes, they might be still n the old folder of 2019.1. Just open the project you were working in 2019.1.

Default project is supposed to be stored in





Did you update from the IDE? I suggets you to use ToolBox App:


I know that, the question is why they cannot be moved with Cloud Sync? How the Cloud Sync flow should be used?


I use ToolBox App on Ubuntu 18.04 to update DataGrip 2019.1 -> 2019.3 and the software have again lost whole configuration (datasouces, connections). Yes, configs are still in the ~/.DataGrip2019.1 directory, but I have to move it manually.

I think there is something wrong with options on first launch after update:

We can either sync with Account settings (plugins) or look up for local settings, but in 21th century I use the product on at least 3 devices for the same connections.

So my question is: Is there some easy way to import connections from previous versions, while keeping sync with Account?  


I reverted version, seems like DB credentials are are stored for each version independently.

For now, use password management tool to keep connection configs.


Ivan, can we ask for logs? 
Please send'em to 



Do you mean downgrade to 2020.1 first? I'm using Intellij Idea Ultimate (if it changes anything).


No, just your current ones


It's hard to locate the problem, but we hope that we've found it and we are in the process of fixing it.

Anyway, even if the data sources are lost they can be recovered as written above.


All my data sources disappeared after I upgraded. I closed Pycharm and relaunched and they came back. So it may just be a matter of a restart.


Update DataGrip from 2020.1.5 to 2020.2.3 in the Toolbox.

-> All my data sources disappeared
-> Roll back to 2020.1.5
-> data sources came back

-> then I exported the settings (, all components)
-> again upgrade to 2020.2.3
-> import, I had to restart
-> but nothing happend, no datasoures appears

-> downgrade to 2020.1.5 -> all ok

Any solutions?




Just upgraded to 2020.3.1 and lost all my database connections AGAIN.  This happens a lot more recently.  Please fix this, or give us a longer term storage option outside of IntelliJ if you insist on not keeping them.


Got same problem here. I did not loose all database connections after update but they somehow got overwritten with older version.


Just had this issue within Rider. Restart of the computer helped. Restart of the IDE did nothing.

Not the first time I notice this behaviour. This time it seems to have happened after an update I made to dotMemory and dotTrace from Toolbox.


I have to fix this manually, you can check if there is some dependency to old project directory by file>open recent>manage projects. :)

Thank you Artur Skii, that saved me from a lot of hassle :)


Thanks Daniil Gusev it's works. I have 2021.2.1.


One thing to make sure is that you're in the same project as before. The newer versions force you to create a project; I don't recall having to do anything for the older versions. So when I upgraded to 2022.3.3 I created a new project and found all my database sources gone. Switching back to default project solved it.


What an awful experience, I had dozens of database connection setup after an upgrade to Pycharm 2024.1.1 highlighting usages of a variable or function didn't work anymore. After a downgrade to the 2023.3 the finding usage feature works at least again, but I lost all my datasource, that is just infuriating. Jetbrains is really getting worse over time, I wonder when a competitor will overtake them


Kaju Bubanja , could you provide any IDE and Toolbox logs of the version before update and after? 


I can upload all the logs, but how can I send them to you?

Please upload them onto our FTP and provide the upload id in your reply

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