Option to not merge main menu and window title

Is there an option to not merge the main menu into the window title? (This appears to be a new thing in 2019.2)

I really wish people would stop messing with the standard OS window style / UX like this - I find it most annoying.

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I really wish people would stop messing with the standard OS window style / UX

But Microsoft themselves do that, Explorer has some controls merged into the window header as well!

Not to say about browsers.

Anyways, there's no way to disable that, please submit a request if you think that there should be.

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+1 - There should be option to remove it. First of all it messes up with bold underline and all kind of characters so it becomes hard to figure out menus. We shouldn't copy from other explorer or notepad style as the purpose is different.

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YouTrack issue created: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/WI-47734

Explorer (at least one my Windows 10 install) has like 3 icons in the top left corner - not the entire title bar and main menu merged.

Firefox has an option to re-enable the title bar.

Chrome (among other applications) have an entirely different UX, with the (much smaller) "main menu" available from the toolbar. They're also an entirely different "class" of application - much less complex in use cases and where you rarely want to touch the main menu - in contrast to a complex IDE with many menu items that are individually infrequently used but you can end up using the menus a lot.

While I understand there are those who are keyboard shortcut memorization wizards who never touch their mouse or the main menu, there are also many people who aren't. I use the main menus a lot. I also have monitors in portrait mode, which PHPStorm may be on depending on what I'm doing. I can also often have several projects / branches open across several screens, and I like to clearly be able to see which is which.

I can also see the mangled new main menu / title bar causing issues for new users and those who may be running on smaller monitors (highly portable laptops) or people with visual impairments (eg. running with lower DPI / increased "zoom" or just have trouble picking out things from jumbled messes)

MongoDB isn't suitable for every use case. MySQL isn't suitable for every use case. Main menus merged into title bars aren't suitable for every use case.

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I like the old design where I could drag window freely without aiming.

I wish there could be an option to not merge main menu and window title.

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@CHÉN Zhé 陈喆

Try checking the links from previous comments.

As stated here: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-219212#focus=streamItem-27-3615325.0-0

Borderless UI can be disabled by the following steps:

  1. press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+/
  2. select Registry
  3. switch off the ide.win.frame.decoraion key
  4. restart IDE

The above works fine on Windows 10 if someone wants to disable menu merging.

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@AllenJB those "3 icons in the top left corner" of Windows Explorer are part of ribbon UI used also in MS Paint and WordPad since Windows 7 (I think). There is public API to do that, so I wouldn't even count it as a customized window title bar.



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