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Previous to 2019.2, the GIT branch Compare With Current feature would display a popup with current branch in a top pane and the selected branch in the bottom.  In each pane would be a list of commits that did not exist in the other.  I found this to be extremely helpful when determining merges.  In 2019.2, this feature now just lists the updated files from the selected branch.  Is there any way I can get the old way of comparing branches?

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Are you kidding me ?

JETBRAINS, have you REALLY made it again without asking devs if we really want that feature to be removed or replaced ?
Yesterday I was about to accept pending update but I'm gonna stick to the 2019.x version for now.




Please, please, PLEASE tell me we are not revisiting the horrible removal of git diff functionality that we went through last year.

Alan Thompson



Could this feature be at least available as a plugin?
Its an awful solution, I know, but better that not having this functionality at all.


looks like im going back to 2019.x also... WHY did you do this again!!


So I just upgraded to 2020.2 EAP and the compare with diff window is now an editor tab???

It is tiny and I can hardly see anything!

I can only see 5 commits in each side and because of the other tool windows open I can't see ANY of the files that have changed in the commit that I select!

Where is the setting to make it a full window so I can actually see the difference between branches?


opticyclic searches You can drag the editor tab with branches comparison outside the window and you will get a dedicated window which you can make full screen.


While we're on the topic, would it be possible to make the filename that is currently being compared in the difference viewer BIGGER?

It's in the window title bar, and hard to discern as it is surrounded by the full path. (this file is clip_helper.rb) with large hre-res monitors it is way too small to read from sitting distance.  It is also dimmed which just makes it harder.  I could see dimming the full path and making the file name stand out brightly.

Below is a picture roughly from my sitting distance. My spaghetti code is readable, but figuring out what file it is difficult.



Hello Josh Cohen

Please vote for a ticket and feel free to comment:


I get:

"Nope, can't find it!
It could mean that the URL points to a page that doesn't exist or the URL is correct and you don't have permission to view this content."

Josh Cohen

I am sorry for the inconvenience, the UX part of YouTrack is internal.

There is another ticket which you may find useful and it would meet your needs, please see and vote:


This issue just gets worse and worse.

Comparing the file tree is now a separate action and is displayed in a completely different place.


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