Find window revert to old style


Intellij just asked me to update...and once again I am confronted with the find as popup issue, only now there seems to be no option to disable it. "" is missing from the registry. I now have that preview window which I do not want. I want the old style find that lets me enter the information without wasting space and time with a useless preview and without forcing me to use ctrl-enter (as opposed to just enter) to get it to open in find window.


That is unfortunate. The "legacy" dialog was functional. The new dialog is cluttered. For me it adds useless functionality and removes a much cleaner interface. I would prefer the old dialog.


Incidentally, I just also noticed that there is a bug in the display of the preview, so not only is it cluttering my view, it isn't even displaying properly. I am not interested in creating a proper bug report for this. The previous functionality was sufficient and working. 


totally agree – the new system is really dysfunctional, the old system was much better. First time I've ever had to complain about IntelliJ



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