File status to indicate changes between branches?

Is it possible to have a file status which color is based on changes between two branches, including already committed and pushed files?

Reasoning behind this is, when I work on a feature I change some code, push it and let the CI do it's thing. All files in the project tree now have the same color status i.e. "up-to-date". But when I need to make some changes before the feature gets merged it's more difficult to see which files I had already changed. No green or blue statuses for new or edited files.

Ideal solution would be to simply have a file status color which shows which files were changed between two branches, my current branch and the default branch. If these files were, let's say, purple then I know exactly which files I need to open again.

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I'm afraid it isn't. 

Just to be sure, it would be great if you could submit this to our tracker at for a corresponding team to review.


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