DataGrip 2019.2.1 showing underscore for thousands separator in editor


After updating to 2019.2.1, when I load a console file into my editor, all numeric values have a thousands separator in them, i.e. 104288597 displays as 104_288_597. The queries run correctly and when I click on the value, the underscores disappear. Is there a setting for this behavior?


According to you can disable it in editor settings: File|Settings -> Editor|General|Code Folding|Long SQL Literals


Thank you for finding that for me! I searched around but couldn't find the setting.


Don't like it either, and "Code Folding" -> "Long SQL Literals" is not very intuitive for that setting.


Thanks for the help, Furiia!


The whole feature seems not thought to an end. If they would put special unqiue design or folding-technics around it and between the characters, it could maybe help. (especially with an hotkey to toggle on and off) But like now, especially with a underscore (you shouldn't use similar characters developers are using) it just could be misinterpret as invalid code after format-options or invalid information.


The key stroke combination Ctrl + . when my cursor is in the number seems to toggle it on and off for me. Not sure that this will work for everybody.



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